Are you ready to join the future of haptics?

DataFeel® is looking for a select group of passionate developers to join our Explorer Program. This is your chance to be among the first in the world to create revolutionary multi-energy haptic experiences using our Gen 10 Developer Kit an advanced hardware/software platform that is code ready out of the box. 

 What Are Multi-energy Haptics?

Our core technology is a multi-energy haptic generator called the DataFeel® Dot that communicates data to the brain via nerves on the skin. Outputs include vibration, heat, cold and light responsive to data from any data source. Combine and overlay various energies to design deeper, more effective experience with broad applications in therapy and communications.

Are You Interested In Developing Enhanced Wearables? 

We’ve built the tech, and need your help to develop the best applications and take them to market! As an early adopter, you’ll get access to the hardware, software, patent protection, technical assistance, accessible licensing options and fundraising support to make your vision a reality!



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The DataFeel Devkit includes everything you need to integrate, prototype and customize a multi-energy haptic product of your very own. Join the Explorer Program and you’ll get the tech + the team to help you get started!


Here is a representative list of potential applications in communications and therapy:

  • Ag Tech (e.g., enhancing milk production)
  • AV/MR/VR (e.g., for use with the Apple Vision Pro)
  • Back Pain (e.g., integration into back braces)
  • Biologics (e.g., activating injected medications)
  • Carpal Tunnel Treatments (e.g., integration into wrist braces)
  • Enhanced Musical Experiences (e.g., for the hearing impaired)
  • Gaming (e.g., effects for shooting fire balls and ice balls)
  • Guided Meditations (e.g., via binaural beats)
  • Joint Rehabilitation (e.g., integration into knee braces)
  • Mental Health (e.g., sensor-driven feedback)
  • Sex Toys (e.g., products for OnlyFans)
  • Virtual Fencing (e.g., for bringing the cows home)
  • Wayfinding (e.g., GPS-driven feedback)

We have been working since 2017 to develop our Gen 10 Dev Kit with support from an international team of engineers and scientists. It has been designed, built, and re-designed ten times, resulting in a market ready offering that you can utilize to get started today, without having to repeat that effort and spend. We built our technology to scale so that you focus on developing your application(s) and making your vision a reality.  

The DataFeel® Explorer Program is intended for people who enjoy making new wearable technologies. We are open to working with individuals, start-ups and labs anywhere in the world.

Cost to join the program is $1,500 which covers the cost of the hardware. Explorers will also receive a free license to the composition software and complimentary support from our team.

Send an email to with your contact information, business or lab affiliations, and a brief statement as to why you want to join the program.

Yes, once we launch our new online store in Q3 of 2024. 

Apply Now to become an explorer

To apply for the Explorer Program, send an email to with your contact information, business or lab affiliation, and a brief statement as to why you want to join the program!