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It’s a revolutionary change in the way we experience data. Until now, wearable haptics have offered little more than vibrations aimed at simple notifications. Not anymore. From healthcare to interactive music performances, DataFeel™ technologies will enhance person-to-computer interactions for billions of people around the world, helping to improve their human experience and performance by providing greater access to computational power.

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Have you ever turned the music up in your car and felt the vibration of the beat in your body? Experienced a live concert where your whole body felt the music as the artist played? With DataFeel’s mutli-energy haptic technology, soon you’ll be able to experience music in an immersive way – anytime you choose.

The possibilities for uses in this creative industry are endless and the opportunity for success is high. With a total revenue of the global music industry at 53.77 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, the opportunity to apply multi-energy haptic technology across many uses is huge. It doesn’t end there – the industry is expected to consistently increase each year and surpass 65 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

Gaming and VR

 Video games have become more and more interactive over the past decade. Now, using multi-energy haptic technology, gamers will be able to fully integrate into the experience and feel the action as well as view it. It is a leap in the immersive experience of gaming.

The game-changing experience will offer increased VR possibilities for those playing — and creating — interactive gaming. With the global virtual reality in gaming market projected to grow from $7.92 billion in 2021 to $53.44 billion in 2028, the use of multi-energy haptic technology in this growing market offers real opportunity for investors. 


Training, whether for health, fitness, or as an elite athlete means that you need the fastest, most accurate feedback about your progress and performance. With DataFeel’s mutli-energy haptic technology, you will be able to assess your performance and adjust to maximize results instantly with continuous updates. 

This exploding industry, valued at $40.65 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $47.89 billion in 2021, and $118.6 billion by 2028, is one that offers high value for potential investors and creators. With ever-changing needs and a population increasingly interested in health – the opportunities are endless.


Many studies have shared results on the substantial benefits to a mindfulness practice. Fewer illnesses, longer lifespans and reported higher happiness scores are just a few of the outcomes available. Haptics can assist a meditator as they begin to focus on their breath, returning a wandering mind to a space of quiet. 

According to reports, the US mindfulness industry is now worth $1 billion. By 2027, the global alternative healthcare industry, including meditation, acupuncture, breathing exercises, yoga and tai chi, and chiropractic services will be worth $296.3 billion offering huge financial opportunities for investors. 

experience the future of haptics.

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The Story

DataFeel was born from the idea that the human experience can be enhanced through technology. We believe that human beings are the ultimate technology -- and are working to find ways to enhance, and not replace us. Our mission is to discover new ways to make the human experience better through multi-energy haptic technology.

Using our patented multi-energy haptic interface, enhanced person-to-computer communications via the skin is achievable, opening up possibilities in healthcare, entertainment and performance and more.

The Science

The 1970’s saw a relatively rapid rise in haptic technology in the United States. Patents for haptics related to telephones, aircraft and sound all were issued during this period. Many of the haptics used single signals, creating the vibrations that are familiar to anyone using a gaming system or silenced cellphone today.

At DataFeel, our core patented technology is a mutli-energy haptic generator we call the Dot. Each Dot is a small haptic device that can communicate with nerves lying under the skin by outputting a haptic energy signal. They can be used as a single Dot, or can be combined for a more intense data experience in some use cases.

The Possibilities

This revolutionary haptic technology is a major leap forward in the ability for humans to connect with computers without increasing screen time. The sky's the limit with what our wearable multi-energy haptic technology can help humans achieve. Applications can occur in nearly every industry, here are just a few to consider.

Imagine a world where doctors can use haptic technology to diagnose illness quickly and accurately without surgery or invasive procedures. Haptic technology can be life changing for the hearing or vision impaired who may find it helpful to feel language rather than hear it, or experience directions physically rather than using a human guide.


The multi-energy signal emitted by a Dot is identifiable by the skin through nerves like mechanoreceptors, and can be used to provide a real-time feel of data. DataFeel haptics can not only vibrate to alert a wearer, but can create heat, shock, impact and pressure to enhance the wearers experience.

Patent Family

At DataFeel, we imagined a multi-energy haptic interface that allows for enhanced person-to-computer communications via the skin, making it easier to consume data without using a screen. To make this vision a reality, our team went to work creating the technology, and a whole family of patents.


Imagine an experience where a series of Dots have been inserted into a wearable cuff. Users can enjoy music, art and other experiences as the series of haptics use multi-signal technology to create a more immersive experience for the wearer who can enjoy sensations like heat, shock, impact and pressure timed to enhance an event.

Business Partnerships & Licensing

Multi-energy haptic technology has potential uses in applications that span across industries. From healthcare, sports performance, military, business, manufacturing and more — the opportunities to improve the interface between computers and humans are endless. Our business partnership and licensing opportunities offer unique opportunities to improve product market share and increase revenue for product owners looking to scale.

In a fast-changing market and competitive space, it is essential to the growth of your business that you consider the value to your customer of adding a enhanced data experience to your wearable device. The increased amount of data able to be shared to and from the wearer using our patented multi-energy haptic has the potential to significantly change the way that your customers interact with your device and the world around them.

Your customer’s experience changes, giving them an increased benefit when using your device — increasing your revenue and market share.

Ready to explore how partnering or licensing with DataFeel can scale your business?

The Team

Our team of experts includes scientists, marketing specialists and those experienced in the world of data. We specialize in creating technology that can enhance the human experience and change the way data is used and consumed everyday.

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Matthew Leaper

Founder and CEO

Matthew Kajcienski


Joe Frost


Dr. Patrick Tyance


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