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Unleashing Energy

DataFeel is a B2B company working to enhance human performance by commercializing haptic technologies with broad applications in communications and therapy. Our core technologies include the DataFeel Dot™ which is multi-energy generator supported with six open patent families.


Experience the ability to shift from cool to warm temperatures at a single point.


Feel the programmable vibratory sensation that can be harnessed to improve alerts and data-reactivity.


Experience electrical stimulation operable against the skin through controllable shocks.

Pressure (Sound)

Feel, in real-time, the effects of sound waves against the skin.

Our competitive edge

Intellectual Property

Issued Patents

We have multiple issued patents and dozens of pending and published applications around the world.

Patent Families

There are six open families within our portfolio that will allow us to create more patents as needed in the future.

International Coverage

We have intellectual property rights protecting our brands and technologies worldwide.

Current B2B Plays

Targeted Verticals


Ground-breaking innovations in therapeutical devices, holistic recovery, and health monitoring.


Enhancing person-to-computer interactions with immersive haptics and feedback loops.


Our Products

DataFeel Array™

A plurality of Dots arranged in contact with the skin and operable to output a variety of energies using our point-based approach to multi-energy technology.

DataFeel Dev Kit

Join the waitlist to purchase our hands-on kit, available this fall, to experiment with our multi-energy technologies and develop innovative solutions to your specific applications.

collaborative technology


Patent Licensing

Obtain exclusive rights to our patents and trademarks in your vertical market to support your company’s product development team, construct an “IP moat” between your competitors, and communicate a level of quality to your consumers.

Product Enhancement

Work alongside our team of composers, engineers, physicians, and scientists to enhance your established products by integrating our proprietary technologies to unlock new solutions, customer experiences, and sources of revenue.

Hired Guns

Utilize our global network of patent agents and attorneys to protect your margins by pushing competitors out of your space and/or generating licensing revenues with aggressive enforcement of your licensed intellectual property rights.

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