unrivaled combination of expertise

Our Team

Matthew Leaper


Mr. Leaper is a licensed US patent attorney and inventor. His expertise lies in the area of Intellectual Property which is a cornerstone of DataFeel®. This ability to produce patents with both speed and remarkable quality all in-house makes for a major competitive advantage. As a technological visionary, Matthew is leading this talented group as we reimagine the haptics industry.

Leigh Sembaluk

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Sembaluk is a well-respected entrepreneur, author, and consultant within the space of human performance. As a former professional athlete, he has specialized experience working at the intersection of technology and human optimization, especially with athletes across the globe. Leigh is a practical technologist who brings a great deal of innovation and expertise to the company. 

Dr. Patrick Tyrance

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Tyrance is a Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon with a background in entrepreneurship. As the leader of science at DataFeel, Tyrance’s wealth of knowledge on the most innovative practices ensures that we are on the cutting edge of new inventions and applications. He is a key piece of our efforts in reimagining what is possible within therapy and developing technology that supports this vision.

Stuart de Haas

Mechanical designer

Mr. de Haas is a mechanical designer with over a decade of hands-on engineering experience. He is responsible for the prototyping of our DataFeel Dot™ and will lead future productization as well. Mr. de Haas is extremely qualified in the managing of robust engineering projects and has past experience working in the Biotech Industry.

Clark Germain


Mr. Germain is an Emmy/Grammy winning music engineer and producer. The software system powering the DataFeel Dot™ closely resembles the interfaces used to produce music. Thus, making Mr. Germain’s expertise a unique advantage and wildly beneficial asset to the team. 

Matthew Kajcienski


Emmy Award winner Matthew Kajcienski is currently one of today’s most aired network theme composers, and maintains an active career scoring for film, television, and the concert stage. A graduate of the famed Juilliard School, Mr. Kajcienski combines tradition with technology, often exploring unusual ways to manipulate sound and create distinct musical colors. His unmatched value to the DataFeel team is put to use within our haptic composition interface design.

Dan Yukhananov


Mr. Yukhananov is a creative content manager that builds innovative connections between music and business. Possessing a background in composing, his skills will pair perfectly with the knowledge needed to further enhance our hardware and software. 

Daniel Lindenberger


Mr. Lindenberger is our lead developer on the DataFeel team. He has past experience working internationally with AR, VR, and AI. Additionally, he has spent time in the non-profit sector helping to pioneer worldwide citizen engagement. His project development and innovative leadership capabilities add great value to the company. 

Oscar Paulson

UX/UI Designer

Mr. Paulsson is a creative in the area of UX/UI design. His high-level skillset is paired with a genuine passion for the haptic space and desire to research how design can weave itself in. Mr. Paulsson brings to the table a creative spark that will set DataFeel® apart in its user-experience.

Tyler Wortman

Technical Adviser

Mr. Wortman has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds multiple patents in mechatronic systems and complementary experience in research & development, product design, and lean manufacturing. He has entrepreneurial experience including past exits and is currently working for big tech. Mr. Wortman is an extremely bright mind that will help us pioneer the haptic verticals we are after.

Charles Lee

Product Engineer

Mr. Lee studied mechanical engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He currently focuses his time and effort on consumer electronics development. Charles is a critical asset because his broad expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering allows him to tackle projects that combine the two fields.