DataFeel™ Application Development Kit


For academic institutions, companies, and entrepreneurs ready to build haptic solutions.



For academic institutions, companies, and entrepreneurs ready to build haptic solutions

With growing concern of how extended screen time affects mental and knowledge regarding the efficacy of energy-based therapeutic treatments, DataFeel™ seeks to create biocompatibility with technology for a more immersive data experience. Since 2017, our team of doctors, engineers, and scientists has been working to develop technologies for enhancing person-to-computer interactions, starting with a proprietary multi-energy haptic generator we call the DataFeel Dot™ that is currently being developed in association with Smart Materials and Robotics Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We hereby invite you to adopt the DataFeel Dot™ for your own unique applications. The DataFeel™ Application Development Kit is designed to support your work by creating opportunities to develop firmware and software for utilizing one or more DataFeel Dots™. To encourage collaboration, each Kit also includes membership to the DataFeel™ community – an emerging network of technology-minded people that is actively exploring new pathways for integrating multi-energy haptic technologies like the DataFeel Dot™ into existing or new biocompatible items.

Purchasing the DataFeel™ Application Development Kit and joining our community includes:

  • The DataFeel™ Community Bracelet including a unique registration number and its benefits.
  • An expanded DataFeel™ Application Exploration Kit including:
    • Exclusive invitations to DataFeel™ exploration events offering educational content and technical support.
    • Exclusive invitations to DataFeel™ hackathon events for rapidly developing applications for the DataFeel Dot™.
    • A welcome letter from our CEO & Lead Inventor introducing you to our multi-energy haptic technologies.
    • Links to our published patents and patent applications for additional self-study and inspiration.
    • An idea submission form you can use to confidentially propose new applications of the DataFeel Dot™ to our CTO.
    • Ninety (90) minutes of professional time for having our patent attorney assess the patentability of three (3) proposed new applications.
    • Ninety (90) minutes of professional time for having our marketing consultant assess the market value of your three (3) proposed new applications.
    • A Qualification & Viability Determination (or “QVD”) from our executive team for each of your three (3) proposed new applications.
    • If supported by the QBD, then an opportunity to pitch your three (3) proposed new application to DataFeel™ investors.
    • A term sheet outlining a revenue sharing program that kicks in if any of your three (3) proposed new applications are funded.
  • When commercially available, at least one (1) DataFeel Dot™ including:
    • A USB-C powered energy generator comprising a plurality of generator elements operable to output a plurality of different energy types in a signal direction toward skin, starting with vibratory and thermal energies.
    • Each generator element of the plurality of generator elements being independently operable, when the energy generator is positioned relative to the skin, to communicate with different nerves associated with the skin by outputting a different portion of an energy signal in the signal direction toward the skin with one energy type of the plurality of different energy types, meaning with vibratory and thermal energies.
    • As described in US Patent No. 10,959,674; US Patent App. No. 17/185,652; Intl. Patent App. No. PCT/US21/30538; and related filings.
  • Opportunities to purchase different housings, ports, and related attachment elements configured to maintain one or more DataFeel Dots™ against the skin.
  • Opportunities to purchase additional DataFeel Dots™ at discounted prices, including upgraded versions with enhanced outputting and/or sensory capabilities and volume discounts for those interested in building arrays with a plurality of DataFeel™ Dots.
  • A program access agreement with terms for gaining access to our firmware and software libraries.

Because we believe that you will be successful, purchasing the DataFeel™ Application Development Kit and and joining our community also includes:

  • Invitations from our CFO to invest in qualified new applications of our multi-energy haptic technologies like the DataFeel Dot™.

Your purchase also helps to fund the development of new DataFeel™ technologies. Thank you in advance. We sincerely appreciate your support.


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