DataFeel™ Community Wearable


A wearable USB with incredible possibilities, including entry into the world of DataFeel™ technology.



A wearable with incredible possibilities.

Our new wearable is a logo embossed USB that includes entry to the DataFeel™ community.

A flexible USB band with a black wearable body, a white DataFeel™ logo, and clasp including 1G of onboard data storage. Includes a welcome package with a unique number (i.e., your ticket), details our haptic technologies, and provides information about how you can be the future of haptics by helping us to explore and develop new applications for our multi-energy haptic technologies like the DataFeel Dot™. As a wearable owner and registered community member, you will be in the know.

Purchasing the DataFeel™ Community Wearable and joining our community grants registered members access to following:

  • A unique registration number serving as your ticket to community events.
  • Two QR codes leading directly to (our homepage) and (where we will organize events).
  • A welcome letter from our CEO & Lead Inventor introducing you to our multi-energy haptic technologies.
  • Invitations from our CFO to invest in qualified new applications of our multi-energy haptic technologies.

Your purchase also helps to fund the development of new DataFeel™ technologies. Thank you in advance. We sincerely appreciate your support.


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